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It’s usually earned and it’s rarely given freely.

I’ve been blessed to speak to 4 different audiences in the past week: an elementary school leadership day, a Confirmation retreat, a grade 11 retreat, and a Reverence 4 Life mini-conference. While it has made for a couple of late nights (both in preparation and catching up on work), it has certainly been worth it. Continue reading Trust

Try out Find and Seek’s Brand New Room

They say that good things come to those who wait.

In the case of Find and Seek – Vancouver’s critically acclaimed puzzle adventure escape room experience – the 18-month wait for their new second room was well worth it.

So with eager anticipation, I took my all-star crew of sleuths to try to solve The Curse of Madame Zita’s Curiosities.  And we were not disappointed.


Continue reading Try out Find and Seek’s Brand New Room

Bruno Mars Medley: The Entire “24K Magic” Album in 6 Minutes

Check out the mega-talented Katrina Del Rosario in our new video: she covers all 9 songs from Bruno Mars’ new album in just 6 minutes.

I love her range (both the soulful lower parts and the powerful upper notes) and was amazed at how quickly she picked up the transitions between songs.

And for those of you who know the lyrics to the songs – I hope you appreciate our edits.

New Year, Repeat Initiative

Two years ago, I came up with the #dailyaffirmation initiative, in which I affirmed a different individual, couple, or family every day.  In posting these daily affirmations on Facebook, I let people know how much I (and others) appreciated them.

I started the daily affirmations because I felt that people – in general –  didn’t do a good enough job of affirming people whether it be in family or spousal relationships, friendships, workplaces, or ministry.

Two years later, it’s still much of the same.  Often, it’s easier to find faults in others and judge others than it is to say something nice about them.

Thus, I’m doing it again.

The experience two years was extremely positive and I hope it will be similar this time around.  As with last time, there will be no particular rhyme or reason to the order of the affirmations.  They won’t necessarily be to family members or my closest friends; in fact I have the opportunity to affirm some people who I’m not particularly close to.

Well, except with one worthy exception.  If I had affirmed anyone else but my lovely wife Gail with the first one, I might not have lived to see January 2 for the second one.

Happy New Year!