Why Marie Hui is So Awesome

Marie just before singing the anthems at a Canucks game.
Marie just before singing the anthems at a Canucks game.

Please allow me to brag about the lovely and talented Marie Hui for a moment. The girl can sing anything! Whether it’s an old Beatles tune, a Broadway musical hit, a ballad, a pop song, or a funky R & B jam, she makes anything she sings sound wonderful.

I’ve been blessed to know Marie for close to 15 years now.  Over that time, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her mature as an individual and as an artist.

Last night, as we were recording our new Canucks song, there was a 10-minute period that beautifully encapsulated her brilliance as an artist. We agreed that she would make one of the verses “pop” a bit more and thus include some riffs and runs. She pulled up a cover from YouTube and proceeded to listen to it for just a couple of minutes before starting to sing it. It was even more challenging because she also had to fit our revised words into the phrasing. So not only was she learning how to sing it, she was also tackling what to sing.

Sure enough, she had mastered it within 5 minutes and she sounded better than the singer in the video that she was using for inspiration. The part I’m talking about starts at the 1:13 mark and goes until the 1:27 mark. Oh…and her ending starting at the 1:39 mark is pretty sweet as well. I’m always smiling while playing the piano…mostly because I’m in awe of Marie’s voice.

Despite her abundant talent, Marie always encourages me to sing in our videos…even to their detriment haha. That’s why you’ll often hear me fumbling through some falsettos or harmonies…or when I get daring…some falsetto harmonies. She has never once told me not to sing with her. Even if she’s thinking that inside.

So thank you, Marie. Thanks for your trust, your friendship, and your willingness to record these goofy videos with me. I fully realize that 99% of the views can be attributed to you. Not many people tune in to see the old guy playing the piano.

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