Trending in Vancouver (for an hour or so)

Twitter_logo_blueDuring the Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks game, an apparent second-period goal by Henrik Sedin was called off by the referee. The reason was that the ref felt that Henrik’s brother Daniel had interfered with the Stars’ goalie just prior to Henrik shooting the puck, thus not giving the goalie a chance to make the save.

Needless to say, Twitter exploded with conspiracy theories and charges of bias against our Vancouver Canucks. Speaking of exploding, first-year Canucks coach John Tortorella was extremely animated at the bench in voicing his displeasure – likely the most heated we’ve seen him in his 6 months here. Given the reputation that preceded him, I was actually surprised that it took this long for a famous Torts blow-up.

Thus, I snapped a quick picture on my phone from the TV and posted it on Twitter from my @CanuckClay account.

My phone started buzzing and my TweetDeck feed kept refreshing as people started to share the photo.  It wasn’t my finest work (I didn’t crop it well) but I think it was a combo of people’s interest in Tortorella and their outrage over the goal that was called back.

84 retweets and 47 favourites later, I received a tweet from @TrendsVancouver (Trendsmap Vancouver):

Sure enough, I went to the site and found this:

From @TrendsVancouver
From @TrendsVancouver

I must admit that I was pretty darn excited.  You can see that of the top 7 Twitter trends, 5 of them had to do with the hockey game (with the other 2 being about the CFL).  I was likely at the right place at the right time.

Regardless, I can proudly state that for a period of about an hour during the evening of Sunday, November 17, 2013 – I was the top Twitter trend in Vancouver.

I can also say quite confidently that this will be the one and only time I will be trending in ANYTHING.

You’ve seen the way I dress, right?

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