Sean’s Blog: How a Lockout Will Make Me a Better Student

With less than a week to go before the September 15 deadline, a lockout seems certain.  As a huge sports fan and Canucks fan, I look forward to the NHL season every year.  Therefore, I will really miss the NHL if there is a shortened season.  But I guess there is a bright side to a lockout:  I’ll be able to get my priorities straight and I will likely become a better student.

Instead of watching the Canucks on TV every second night or so, I can study.  I will be able to improve on my least favourite subjects like Science and Social Studies while maintaining my love for recess, lunch and PE.  Also, I won’t go to as many games with my Dad.  While I realize how lucky I am to go to games, my grades will certainly get better.  I’ll be home more and not taking 4 hour chunks to get to and from the arena.  I’ve actually taken my textbooks to a game before and I studied during the intermission.  I went from screaming to studying, booing to writing, and chanting to reading.

A lot of times I talk about the NHL with my friends and my teachers at school.  So without hockey we’ll probably talk more about school and other current news events and less about hockey.

A lockout will also be better for both my physical well-being and my self-esteem. For the next little while, my Dad won’t have to drag me out of bed at 11pm (on a school night no less) to help him film his Clay’s Canucks Commentary.  And I’ll feel better about myself as I won’t hear him yelling at me for cutting his head off or for being too shaky.  What can I say: a lot more goes into the videos than you might think.  Or he could just buy a tripod.

However, if I get too bored of studying, I can always turn my attention to the CFL, NFL, and the NBA.  I look forward to seeing the new-look Lakers with Nash and Howard and making bets with my cousin on whether or not the Lakers will beat the Heat.  I will see my favourite CFL team the BC Lions go for a second consecutive Grey Cup.  Also, I will watch some hard-hitting NFL football.

Honour roll here I come!