Replace the KB: A Month of Canucks Blogs

As the month-long “Replace the KB” blogging competition comes to a close, all that’s left is to determine the winner(s), likely via a combo of a public vote and input from Province writers. 

You can vote for me (and up to 3 others) here!

As we await the results, I thought I’d put together a quick recap of all of my posts for the competition.  Enjoy this look back.

October 29.  Finding E-Mo:  Get to Know Clay Imoo of “Clay’s Canucks Commentary”.  In my first post for the competition, I introduce myself to all of the new readers.     

November 3.  The Hangover:  Stanley Cup Style.  I look at the slow starts of Stanley Cup finalists Boston and Vancouver and compare their starts to other finalists over the past few years.   

November 3.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary:  The Art of Line Juggling.  I look at coach Alain Vigneault’s penchant for juggling his forward lines.  This video features real live juggling by Gene Monterastelli of APeX Ministries. 

November 3.  Child-Like Faith – Keep it Simple, Stupid.  I talk about how we often complicate things as adult fans with our need for analysis, stats and answers.  What’s wrong a more simple approach to being a fan?     

November 5.  Things That Make You Go Hmmm:  Bad Booth, Gaudy Goalies and O Canada.  I look at 5 things that puzzled me about the Canucks that weekend, including their uncanny ability to make every goalie they play against look like an all-star.   

November 7.  Canucks Beat the Hawks:  Same Game, Different Perspectives.  I compare the commentary provided on Chicago station WGN and Vancouver’s Sportsnet.  It’s quite fascinating to see the two different perspectives.  

November 7.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary:  A Musical Medley Featuring Whitecaps Anthem Singer Marie Hui.  Marie and I do a medley of Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Adele.  Thankfully she is doing all the singing.  This video made it onto Puck Daddy (Yahoo Sports) and thus has over 7,000 hits on YouTube! 

November 12.  Reflections on Replace the KB and The Stanchion.  A quick and fun video I did for Canucks Hockey Blog with Katie Maximick.  We reflect on the competition so far and give props to fellow competitor The Stanchion.   

November 13.  A Love Letter to the Wife of a Hockey Blogger.  I channel my more sensitive side for this one as I thank Gail for her unconditional love and support.  Sadly everything in the blog is true!    

November 17.  U Can’t Touch This:  Individual Goal Songs for the Canucks.  What would happen if the Canucks had individual goal songs?  You’d hear MC Hammer, Shakira and LMFAO. 

November 17.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary for November 17:  Lucic is a Moron, Chara is a Freak (Anagram Fun).  I have a bit of fun with anagrams and see what happens when typing in phrases like “Lucic is a Moron” into an anagram generator.   Some of them turn out pretty darn funny.  Kayla’s in this one with me too! 

November 19.  Come Aboard the Bandwagon…Just Don’t Hurt Your Ankles Jumping Off.  I take a non-traditional stance on bandwagon jumpers and suggest that we welcome them with open arms instead of reject them.

Once again, vote for me here!  Thanks!