Music to Roberto Luongo’s Ears

I took Luongo to Rome with me in 2013.
I took Luongo to Rome with me in 2013.

As Roberto Luongo makes his much-anticipated return to Rogers Arena to face off against his former team, I want to share 3 songs that we’ve done in the last past couple of years for the likable goaltender.

1.  End of the Road (We Thank You, Lu)

 Marie Hui‘s emotional performance (moreso than my goofy spoken part in the middle) earned us a greeting from Luongo himself!

2.  Someone Like Lu

 Harrison Mooney and Marie Hui took on Adele’s mega-hit for this clever tune written by Harrison.


3.  Against All Odds (Luongo’s Lament

The dream team of Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao gave us their version of Phil Collin’s “Against All Odds.”


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