I’m Among the 15 Finalists to Replace the Kurtenbloggers

The Province made it official today by listing the names and brief bios of all 15 finalists in their competition to replace the popular Kurtenbloggers.

A few things stick out to me right away:

  • There are some really talented writers among the group and I’m truly flattered to be in the running.
  • Unless of course they were looking for some cultural diversity (there aren’t a lot of Asians).  They certainly weren’t looking for the best-looking.
  • I’m likely among the oldest (if not the oldest) in the group.
  • Only a couple of other bloggers mention family (and they both mention their mothers).  No biggie…likely an affirmation of my point above about my age.
  • I’ll be testing the patience of my wife and kids for the next few weeks!


Ultimately, the winners of this month-long competition will be the readers as they will be treated to 4 weeks of hopefully high quality blogging.

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God Bless and Go Canucks Go!