CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary June 15, 2011: It All Comes Down To This (Nothing Else Matters)

We’re a few hours away from the most highly-anticipated game in the 40-year history of the Vancouver Canucks: game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

It’s been a wild and entertaining final with a little bit of everything: good goaltending, shaky goaltending, last-minute goals, quite overtime finishes, fights, hits, injuries, taunting, and even a suspension. But for the Vancouver Canucks, even after 7 pre-season games, 82 regular season games, and 24 playoff games, it all comes down to this: one game. Winner claims the Stanley Cup, loser laments what could have been.

So as the Canucks and Bruins lace up their skates for game 7, a lot of things that we fans have been concerned with simply don’t matter anymore. See what I mean in this CCC.

Win or lose, this will likely be the most historic night in Vancouver Canucks history! Go Canucks Go!

Music is “Hockey Night in Canada” recorded by Naturally 7 on their CD “VocalPlay.” (