A Weekend of Epiphanies

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Yesterday was Epiphany Sunday – the feast day that celebrates the manifestation of Christ to the world told via the story of the visit of the Magi.  In everyday language, an epiphany refers to a moment of great or sudden revelation.

My first weekend of 2013 was wonderful – one full of epiphanies.

The first one took place on Friday afternoon at work when the job posting for a new Consultant for Youth Ministry for the OYYAM went online.  I felt a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as we have been praying for and working towards this full-time position for the past six years.  Finally it has become a reality and I’m extremely excited to see our office grow (and admittedly to see who applies).  My epiphany was that our hire could have a huge impact on the shape of youth ministry in our archdiocese for many years to come.  But no pressure!  :p

On Saturday evening I took my lovely wife Gail out on a date (our first one since our wedding anniversary back in July…gosh that’s sad!).  After a delicious teppanyaki dinner downtown Vancouver we made our way back to Richmond to watch Les Miserables at SilverCity.  I jokingly tweeted:

“Going to see Les Miserables with Gail tonight. Hopefully that won’t also describe the rest of our date night.”

Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away by the movie.  Most of the performances were top-notch and I really enjoyed both the music and the presence of the Church in the film.  My ignorance was a blessing: I knew nothing about the movie (or the story) nor the musical or book.  Thus, I experienced two epiphanies that night: that I need to watch more musicals (and read more books for that matter) and that I need to take Gail out more.

As we went to bed that evening, I was just about to put my phone away when I happened to check Twitter.  It was abuzz with news that the four-month NHL lockout was about to come to an end.  So there I was at 2:15am in the morning watching live reports from TSN for over an hour.  I was ecstatic and I woke Gail up to share the good news.  Unsurprisingly, she was less enthused.

How appropriate that both the NHL and the NHLPA had their collective epiphany in the wee hours of Epiphany Sunday.

After Mass Sunday evening the entire family went to Gail’s classroom to help her prepare for school the next day.  As the boys moved desks and chairs around, Kayla took a seat at Gail’s desk and pretended to be a teacher like her Mom.  I was able to snap a photo and I realized that Kayla is already displaying attributes that would make her a natural teacher.

In my evening prayer, I gave thanks for a truly blessed weekend full of epiphanies.

Unfortunately, something tells me that my next epiphany will be realizing how broke I am after shelling out for my Canucks tickets!

  • Eileen Fowler

    Truly a heartwarming weekend you and family had …….Thanks for sharing !!