A Hockey Blogger’s Love Letter to his Wife

To my lovely wife Gail:

I love you.

Thank you for remaining faithful to me and for standing beside me throughout the years. I know it’s not easy being the wife of a hockey blogger.

My fascination with blogging started back in 2007 when I saw a promo for a Vancouver Canucks fan contest just as they were launching some of their new social media initiatives. While you were pounding through report cards, I pounded through a video as I ran around the house with the boys making them memorize lines. It was very challenging as Jacob could barely speak any English, but buoyed by Sean’s strong performance we were able to finish if off in under 3 hours on our way to winning the title of “Ultimate Canucks Family.” The end result, The Ultimate Canucks Haiku, has over 29,700 hits on YouTube.

Over the past 4 years, my blogging has expanded to cover 3 of my favourite things: family, faith and hockey. With respect to the hockey blogging, I do my regular video-blogs called Clay’s Canucks Commentary and I now write for Canucks Hockey Blog. You like those guys, right? Even JJ?

Thank you for enduring the late nights. There are many times when I come to bed late because I’m working well into the night, or more accurately, well into the next morning. It doesn’t help that you often go to bed before sunset but that’s not the point here. I know you’d like me to get more sleep but it’s hard, especially when I’m excited about what I’m working on. And I realize it’s always the same routine in the morning: while we’re scrambling around trying to get the kids ready for school, you still take the time to read the blog or watch the video that I had finished just a few hours prior. Even when I can tell that you don’t care, at least you pretend to. That means a lot to me.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s deprived of sleep. I understand that you don’t think it’s healthy that I keep Sean up to help me with the video blogs. But I really need someone to press the record button while making sure that I’m centered in the screen. It’s too risky for me to try and press record and then guess as to where I should be positioned. But you’re right: I should go easier on him. It’s probably not good for his self-esteem when I yell at him for being too shaky with the camera. I keep forgetting he’s only 10 years old. Maybe I need to write him a letter too. Or at least write one to his teacher excusing Sean for how tired he is.

Also, thank you for letting me share season tickets with Mike. Please know that I’m well aware that the cost for my seat is more than our mortgage payment so I’ve made some sacrifices to help. I don’t buy as many slurpees now. I only buy things at Safeway if they qualify for Club Card savings. I cut my own hair. And I’m still wearing some clothing from grade 8.

With the money saved, I try to buy you something nice or treat you to a nice dinner once in a while. I’m pretty sure you like that weighing scale that I bought you for Christmas last year. And who knew that Boston Pizza was so delicious?

But I know you sacrifice way more than I do. That’s another thing I love about you: you’re so humble. Once Mike and I allocate all of the games that we’re going to, you don’t demand that you go to any of them. Rather, you take what’s left and are happy just to get into Rogers Arena once or twice a year. Thus, last season Sean went to more games than you did, and I treated a few friends to games including one guy who didn’t even know what team we were playing against.

I can understand, however, why you were upset that I took other women to games before I took you to your first game last year. I’ve rectified that for this season: your first game is in November instead of March. I’m sorry it’s the Islanders though. At least you get to see Michael Grabner.

Oh…you don’t know who he is? He’s the guy we traded for Keith Ballard. You know who he is…right? RIGHT?

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you know who these guys are. All that matters is that we’ll get some quality time together. But I might have to meet up with a couple of my hockey blogger friends before the game, during one of the intermissions, and after the game if that’s okay.

Lastly, I appreciate how you try to not bring up the fact that all of this is unpaid. I know, I know… I’m busy enough already with work, ministry, coaching, music, and other interests. Please know that I truly try to give the firsts of my time and energy to you and the kids.

I feel bad when my blogging cuts into our precious family time. I know that I’m a gross under-estimator of time and that things take twice as long as I promise they will. But at least I made it onto Puck Daddy!  That was worth the entire Sunday lost!

But don’t worry…it will get better soon. With the Replace the KB contest ending on November 20, afterwards there will be less pressure on me to deliver high-quality content. I’ll still want to do good stuff, but it won’t be as time-sensitive.

Unless I win.

Have I told you how much I love you?


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