#ClayinKrakow Day 1: Five Minutes Short

I’m blessed to be in Krakow, Poland for the next 5 days on a World Youth Day site inspection tour in advance of the big celebration in July. Our itinerary for the week consists of business meetings, site visits, and a bit of sightseeing.

Day 1 actually consisted of two days and started at 10am on Saturday when Gail and Kayla were bringing me the airport.  After we dropped Sean and Jake off at bowling, we made our way to YVR and I mentioned to Gail that I would need to get out at “Domestic Departures” because I was flying to Toronto first, then Munich, and then Krakow.

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Mom’s 75th Birthday: The Top 10 Things That Make Joyce…Joyce

In honour of my mother Joyce’s 75th birthday today, I proudly present the Top 10 list that my brother Jason and I wrote and presented at her party this past Saturday (see pictures here).


Here are the Top 10 Things That Make Joyce…Joyce:


10.  (Jason): Mom REALLY cares about how she looks in pictures. What is supposed to be a fun, candid, QUICK picture will often turn into a full-fledged photo session that would make Artona proud. And she’s sneaky in the way she tries to get us to re-take pictures: Brooklyn’s not looking, Kayla needs to sit up, Malachi isn’t smiling. No, Mom it’s you. And we hate to break it to you, but pictures don’t lie. How you look in the picture is exactly what you looked like at that moment in time. For better or for worse. Continue reading Mom’s 75th Birthday: The Top 10 Things That Make Joyce…Joyce