Matt Maher – Because He Lives

Name drop alert: most people know that I’m friends with Christian songwriter and worship leader Matt Maher.  Mind you, we’re not best friends, but we’re friends nonetheless.  He answers my texts once in a while, so in my book, we’re friends. :p

He’s my favourite worship leader for many reasons.  Ever since I met him in 1995, I’ve been impressed by his talent, his faithfulness, and his humility.  He’s a brilliant musician, he’s an intelligent writer and storyteller, he has a profound understanding of church, he’s a lot of fun to be around, he’s Catholic, he’s Canadian, he’s been a long-time friend to both the Archdiocese of Vancouver and to me, and we’re the same age.

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10 Years Ago Today I Lost My Dad

My dad passed away 10 years ago today.

I’ve detailed the events of October 11, 2004 in a previous blog:  how we had just returned from the pumpkin patch in anticipation of Halloween. How I was preparing to meet Mom and Dad at my in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner. How the doorbell rang and how surprised I was to see Father Smith at my door. How he sat me down and how I innocently thought that he was going to confess something to me! How loving, caring, and respectful he was as he shared the horrific news. How I sat in total shock, not believing what I had just heard. How I broke down in passing the news on to my brother over the phone. And how heartbroken I was to find my mom weeping in her living room…the cops had beaten me to the house by a mere two minutes.

I have mixed emotions as I sit down to write this.  Of course I am sad.  I miss him so much.  I’ve told the story of his death to a few people this week.  While the story gets easier to tell as the years go by, the hurt is still there.

My dad was an avid Canucks fan, and thus I think of him every time I watch a game, write a Canucks blog, or do a silly Canucks song.  I wish that he got a chance to meet Kayla.  He would have loved her (and vice-versa).  And he only knew Jacob for a year.

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Vancouver Canucks – I’ll Show Glove to You (Boyz II Men Parody)

For the start of the Vancouver Canucks’ 2014-2015 NHL season, I wrote a song about likely their strongest position on the team: the goaltenders.

Thus, I proudly present our ode to Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack called “I’ll Show Glove to You” based on Boyz II Men’s smash hit “I’ll Make Love to You.”

I’m joined by three lovely ladies would give Destiny’s Child a run for their money:

Marie Hui (fresh off her return from Seattle’s CenturyLink Field where she sang the anthems for the Seahawks-Broncos game): @mariehui

Arielle Tuliao (as an actress, dancer, and singer she is a true triple-threat): @ajtuliao

Michelle Schultz (a talented country-rock recording artist from Delta, BC making her first appearance in one of my Canucks videos):  @m_schultzmusic

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