Know Your Role

Family portrait taking on our Alaskan cruise.
Family portrait taking on our Alaskan cruise.

On our Alaskan cruise last month, we went to get family portraits done in the ship’s photography studio.  The 30-minute shoot went very quickly, and at its conclusion we booked an appointment to go back later in the week to look at the pictures (and perhaps buy some).

We decided that 4 of us would go:  Gail, my brother Jason, my mom Joyce, and me.  We felt that this particular combination of people would give us the best chance of making a good decision without paying too much.

We all had our particular roles too.

I was the “Schmoozer” (surprise surprise) and my job was to break the ice and create a comfortable atmosphere before we talked big bucks.

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A Change in Momentum

Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll

This afternoon, I took the kids bowling at The Zone in Richmond.  It was some good family time after being away all of last week for YouthLeader.  I had a decent first game (scoring 161) and with a strong finish to the game, I was looking forward to an even better second game.

I’d say I’m a good (not great) bowler.  My average score is about 150 or so, and my best game ever is 227.  As anticipated, I got off to a great start in my second game, getting 3 consecutive strikes for a game-opening turkey.  I was hopeful of breaking my all-time high score.

Then, it all changed….just seconds before I was about to start my fourth frame.

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#GetHappier: An Exclusive Extra Hour at Disneyland Resort

During our family vacation in Disneyland, we were among the fortunate 1,500 guests invited to an exclusive extra hour at Paradise Pier in Disneyland California Adventure Park. In reality, it was more like 500 or 600 people and thus we got to ride numerous attractions multiple times…including California Screamin’.

Kayla and I make a brief appearance at the 0:44 mark.