My #Roadto40: I Found an Ab (Results After One Month)

This thing hurts
This thing hurts

This past Monday marked the one-month mark of my exercise and fitness regimen on my #Roadto40.  So, much like she did on January 22 of this year, Katie of Precision Athletics took my measurements with the help of some cold and sharp calipers.  The measurements only took a couple of minutes:  she would name a body part, hook up the calipers to pinch said body part, I would grimace and hold back my tears, she would remove the calipers, and I would pretend it didn’t hurt.

The final results showed some decent progress:  in one month I lost 11 pounds, shed 4 inches off of my waist, and reduced my body fat by over 4%.

I knew that I had lost some weight over the month as my watch and wedding started to slide a bit and I moved to the next notch on my belt buckle.  My double chin is less pronounced (it’s more like a 1.5 chin now) and both my face and waist are a tad slimmer.

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Giving Thanks in a New Type of Nomination Video: #AffirmationNominations

Gail and me with Stephen and Krissy on their wedding day this past June.
Gail and me with Stephen and Krissy on their wedding day this past June.

It was 8:45am on Wednesday morning when I gave my good friend Krissy a call.  We enjoyed a quick catch-up session over the phone and we ended our conversation talking about the recent trend of #NekNomination drinking videos circulating around the internet.

Krissy ran her idea by me: “What about if I started something that’s more positive in nature…something that’s more affirming?”

“Great idea!” I told her.  After all, she was talking to the guy who initiated #AugustAffirmations and #SeptemberShoutouts last summer.

We committed to connecting later on in the day.  We traded a few texts regarding content and format and by 10:49am (just 2 hours after our initial conversation) I had a new video from Krissy in my WhatsApp inbox.  Here it is:

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Jacinta’s Corner: Name-Dropping with a 3 Year-Old

Jacinta and me
With Jacinta

When I was in Saskatoon last month, I was blessed to spend some time with an adorable and spunky 3 year-old named Jacinta.  She is the daughter of Colm and Sharon…both of whom I’ve known for many years through diocesan youth ministry.

Sharon has put together a great YouTube channel called Deep Thoughts featuring videos of Jacinta.  She has participated in dance-offs, monologues, public service announcements, and even helped announced pregnancies!

I put on my Vancouver Canucks jersey while Jacinta put on her Montreal Canadiens jersey and the game can-you-top-this was on.  Enjoy!


#Roadto40: On Steve Nash – Fellow Grad of 1992


Today is NBA star Steve Nash’s 40th birthday.  He’s always been my favourite player for many reasons:  we’re the same age, we play the same position (although he’s a bit better at it than I am), and he grew up in Victoria, BC.

We all know of his accomplishments as an NBA player.  He’s a 2-time MVP and 8-time All-Star.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t won an NBA championship (thanks a lot Robert Horry and the Spurs) and he likely never will.

But this blog isn’t about his storied NBA career.

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My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill

My nemesis turned friend
My nemesis turned friend

My first small group training session for the 360 Degree Abs program got off to an auspicious start.  I walked into Precision Athletics at exactly 7:27am – 3 minutes before my half an hour class was scheduled to begin.

“Good morning, I’m Clay”, I blurted out to the trainer.

“Nice to meet you, Clay”, Amy answered.  “Have you warmed up yet?”

“Sort of…I ran over here from my office.”  I failed to tell her that my office was only half a block away.

“Go get on the treadmill for a few minutes.”

I walked confidently over to the treadmill ready to show it that there was a new sheriff in town.  Apparently the sheriff didn’t know how to read because I didn’t even know how to turn it on.  It basically looked like a computer with a conveyor belt and handles attached to it.  By the time I figured it out, I only got on for about a minute before being called back. Continue reading My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill