My 10 Favourite Blogs and Videos of 2012

As I look ahead to 2013 and back at 2012, I wanted to share with you 10 of my favourite blogs and videos from the past year.  As you will see, it’s a nice mix of family, ministry, and the Vancouver Canucks.  Enjoy!

(For the written blogs, click on the title to read them).

1.  Blog:  Sean’s Urgent Plea for More TP (January 8, 2012)

This was my most-viewed blog of the year and for good reason.  Sean left me a total of 23 text messages imploring me to bring some toilet paper up to him.  The messages were a nice mix of ALL CAPS orders and emoticons.  It turned out that there was a full roll next to him in the bathroom that he didn’t see.  Ultimately, I’m glad he didn’t…otherwise we wouldn’t have this beauty of a blog.

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Canucks Christmas Carol 2012: This Christmas

For this special edition of Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I pull a few friends together for the 3rd annual Canucks Christmas Carol.

Once again I am joined by my friends Joe, Oggy, Jason, Pat and the foreign exchange student Kevin.  Kevin came all the way from overseas to watch some hockey but he gets something else instead.

Last year we put together the Bieber-inspired “Under the Minne(so)” and in 2011 we did the “12 Days of Christmas”.

For this year, we do our version of the classic “This Christmas”.  Merry Christmas!

Happy 5th Birthday Kayla – 5 Videos of the Birthday Girl

Today Kayla turns 5 years old.  It’s been an absolute joy to witness her growth and development ever since the exciting and dramatic day of her birth at Richmond General Hospital on December 21, 2007.

To celebrate her birthday, I thought it would neat to look at 5 of my favourite videos of the little princess.

Her personality certainly shines through as you will see.






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Making Presumptions

My much-anticipated catch-up session with a youth minister got off to an auspicious start this evening.  Upon entering my favourite Japanese restaurant, I told the owner that I would need a table for two.  As one of the waiters led me to a table, a woman who I didn’t know entered the restaurant immediately after me.  Somehow, the waiter thought that the woman was with me (my wife wouldn’t have been too happy) and somehow the woman remarkably didn’t see me sit in the booth first.  Once she sat down she finally looked at me across the table.  Slightly embarrassed, she gasped “Oh sorry…I thought that he was seating ME.”  She quickly made her way to another table as I tried to stifle my laughter.

An honest mistake to be sure.  And in retrospect I don’t blame her for wanting to sit with me.  Kidding.  Sort of.

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