Replace the KB: Thank You

They announced the results of the “Replace the KB” blogging competition yesterday and unfortunately I was not chosen as one of the 4 winners (see the announcement of the winners here).

To everyone who’s supported me: I am so grateful for your encouragement, support and advocacy over the past 4 weeks.  You’ve had to endure a half-dozen emails (sometimes from out of town and/or at weird times of the night/morning), numerous texts, and countless Facebook updates.

Whether you read or watched every single thing I posted or you blindly just gave me a thumbs up without even reading a word, I thank you with all of my heart.  Along with the 4 chosen winners, I think the real winners are the hockey fans of Vancouver as they were exposed to the good work of a new wave of bloggers.  Sounds so cliché but it’s true.  Well, it’s my story at least and I’m sticking to it!  And it’s a lot better than accusing The Province editors of racism…haha.

I’m especially thankful for those who took time out to either appear in a video and in essence steal the show (Marie and Gene), do some masterful photoshopping (Chris) or send me song suggestions for my goal songs post (Mike, Jason, Jon, Dave, Joseph, Patrick and Richard).  Obviously, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I will continue to write a regular column for Canucks Hockey Blog ( and continue to do the Clay’s Canucks Commentary video blogs for my own site here.

Once again, thanks for your love and support.  I’m blessed to have family and friends like you!

God bless and go Canucks go!

Father Joseph’s 2011 Grey Cup Prediction: “We Will Win!”

In anticipation of the CFL’s Grey Cup game on Sunday between the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers, we caught up with Fr. Joseph Nguyen, the Director of the Vocations Office for the Archdiocese of Vancouver for his prediction.

You may recall that back in April he successfully predicted a Men in Black victory in the annual Youth Day soccer match between the priests/seminarians and the youth with his now famous mantra of “We Will Win! We Will Win!”

Hear who he predicts will win, what the final score will be, and who the MVP will be. Also witness how he doesn’t even miss a beat when his cell phone rings mid-interview…haha.

Go Lions Go!

Replace the KB: A Month of Canucks Blogs

As the month-long “Replace the KB” blogging competition comes to a close, all that’s left is to determine the winner(s), likely via a combo of a public vote and input from Province writers. 

You can vote for me (and up to 3 others) here!

As we await the results, I thought I’d put together a quick recap of all of my posts for the competition.  Enjoy this look back.

October 29.  Finding E-Mo:  Get to Know Clay Imoo of “Clay’s Canucks Commentary”.  In my first post for the competition, I introduce myself to all of the new readers.     

November 3.  The Hangover:  Stanley Cup Style.  I look at the slow starts of Stanley Cup finalists Boston and Vancouver and compare their starts to other finalists over the past few years.   

November 3.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary:  The Art of Line Juggling.  I look at coach Alain Vigneault’s penchant for juggling his forward lines.  This video features real live juggling by Gene Monterastelli of APeX Ministries. 

November 3.  Child-Like Faith – Keep it Simple, Stupid.  I talk about how we often complicate things as adult fans with our need for analysis, stats and answers.  What’s wrong a more simple approach to being a fan?     

November 5.  Things That Make You Go Hmmm:  Bad Booth, Gaudy Goalies and O Canada.  I look at 5 things that puzzled me about the Canucks that weekend, including their uncanny ability to make every goalie they play against look like an all-star.   

November 7.  Canucks Beat the Hawks:  Same Game, Different Perspectives.  I compare the commentary provided on Chicago station WGN and Vancouver’s Sportsnet.  It’s quite fascinating to see the two different perspectives.  

November 7.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary:  A Musical Medley Featuring Whitecaps Anthem Singer Marie Hui.  Marie and I do a medley of Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Adele.  Thankfully she is doing all the singing.  This video made it onto Puck Daddy (Yahoo Sports) and thus has over 7,000 hits on YouTube! 

November 12.  Reflections on Replace the KB and The Stanchion.  A quick and fun video I did for Canucks Hockey Blog with Katie Maximick.  We reflect on the competition so far and give props to fellow competitor The Stanchion.   

November 13.  A Love Letter to the Wife of a Hockey Blogger.  I channel my more sensitive side for this one as I thank Gail for her unconditional love and support.  Sadly everything in the blog is true!    

November 17.  U Can’t Touch This:  Individual Goal Songs for the Canucks.  What would happen if the Canucks had individual goal songs?  You’d hear MC Hammer, Shakira and LMFAO. 

November 17.  CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary for November 17:  Lucic is a Moron, Chara is a Freak (Anagram Fun).  I have a bit of fun with anagrams and see what happens when typing in phrases like “Lucic is a Moron” into an anagram generator.   Some of them turn out pretty darn funny.  Kayla’s in this one with me too! 

November 19.  Come Aboard the Bandwagon…Just Don’t Hurt Your Ankles Jumping Off.  I take a non-traditional stance on bandwagon jumpers and suggest that we welcome them with open arms instead of reject them.

Once again, vote for me here!  Thanks!

Youth Ministry People are Darn Punny

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Indianapolis for the NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference).  I was able to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Catholic youth ministry and even stand on the massive stage in the middle of Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl XLVI). 

While I got to connect with many old friends (old as in I already know them and not necessarily as in age), I was also blessed to spend some quality time with people for the first time.

One of my new friends is Bob Rice.  We’d said hello in passing before and we’d been following each other online and on Twitter for a while.  On Saturday night we were able to share a meal together.

As part of the get-to-know-you process, Bob asked me what my last name meant in Japanese.

“Sweet potato” I replied, happy I was able to share one of the few Japanese words I actually know.

“Imagine if we did ministry together,” Bob said, “we could be Rice & Potatoes!”

“That’s awesome!” I said. 

“Make sure you tweet it!” Bob answered.  We finished off our meal thankful for the time we were able to spend together.

The next morning, between flights home, I was able to tweet it as promised.

@claytonimoo:  Given that my last name means potato in Japanese, I’m starting a new ministry with @therealbobrice called “Rice and Potatoes.” #booknow

This set off a series of very punny tweets:

@therealbobrice (Bob Rice):  @claytonimoo It’s ironic that you’re an Asian man with the last name “potato” and I’m an Irish guy with the last name “rice.”

A great point by Bob…surprised we didn’t discover this the night before.

@apexbrad (Brad Farmer):  @claytonimoo @therealbobrice doesn’t he already have one w/ @chrismpadgett ? Rice Chris P

A great play on words from Brad (Rice Krispie…get it?) as Bob Rice and Chris Padgett have performed together as “DECAF”…most notably in Las Vegas with their legendary “Hand Motions in Heaven.”

@apexbrad (Brad Farmer):  @claytonimoo @therealbobrice @chrismpadgett actually, I vote for Potato-Farmer

@chrismpadgett (Chris Padgett):  @apexbrad @claytonimoo @therealbobrice or rice chris p potato farmer. Let’s stick together.

I love it.  What a team we would be.  We could just recite puns for the entire set.  I can see it now…coming soon to a conference or rally near you:


Think anyone would actually book us?


Come Aboard the Bandwagon…Just Don’t Hurt Your Ankles Jumping Off

Listen up you so-called “die-hard” Vancouver Canucks fans:  it’s time to get off your high horse with respect to bandwagon fans. 

Imagine if we welcomed the bandwagonners instead of shunning them.  If we accepted them instead of rejecting them. 

And as an aside…that picture is indeed me with an actual band (Christian recording artist Jacob and Matthew Band) during their sound check at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis (home of the Colts and Super Bowl XLVI).  I’m here in Indy all weekend for a youth conference.  But I digress.

I say to bandwagonners:  “Welcome.  Come aboard the Canucks party train.”

If  we want to see the Canucks Nation grow, then why do we actually express disappointment when people want to join us?  As the actual club tries to sell tickets and increase its social media presence, I don’t think it cares just who’s a bandwagonner and who’s not.

In any nation, there will be all types of people.  Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a bandwagon fan, you’re still a fan nonetheless.  People should be allowed to criticize the team when it’s not playing well, but often critics are automatically labelled as bandwagonners.  If you show too much leniency towards the Canucks you’re labelled a homer and not objective.  Try to point out the Canucks’ deficiencies and you’re dismissed as not being a true fan.  It’s a tricky balance to be sure.

I know, I know.  You’ve followed the team since you were a child.  You’ve remained loyal to the Canucks through thick and thin, through good times and bad, and in sickness and in health as if it were your spouse.  You’ve suffered through the tremendous disappointments of 1982, 1994 and 2011.  And you’ve invested a lot of time and money in the team; resources that you’ll never get back.

So I can see how you’re protective of the team as if it was a prized possession or a stock.

But who are we to judge when someone proclaims that he or she wants to be a Canucks fan starting now?

It’s hard to say what makes one fan better than another.  Is it how long you’ve been following the team?  Is it the number of games you go to a year?  Is it how many stats you’ve memorized?  Is it how well you think you know the players?  Is it how loud you scream while at the game?  Or how loud you scream at the tv?  Is it how many beverages you consume while watching the game?  Or maybe it’s how much Canucks swag you own?

We get a kick out of seeing scores of Canucks fans throughout the league in places like California, Arizona, and across Canada.  You can bet that some of these people (but not all) are bandwagon fans.

So bandwagonners, we’re going to make room for you…but upon 3 conditions:

  1. That you admit that you’re a bandwagon fan.  Don’t deny it and don’t pretend you’ve been a fan all your life.  Just be honest and we won’t judge you.  No deception means no resentment.  Deal?
  2. That you welcome others as I am welcoming you.  There’s a lot of room in the Canucks army. 
  3. That you don’t expect me to bring you to a game.  I’d much rather bring someone who has indeed stuck with the team through thick and thin.  You can watch from the comfort of your own home.


So once again, welcome aboard.  Just don’t hurt your ankles when you inevitably jump off…again.