Like Father Like Son

Sean turns 9 years old today, and it’s hard to believe how quickly he’s growing: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Obviously, I love all of my children abundantly and equally, but I’ve always felt a special connection with Sean, likely because he’s my first child.

Thus, it wasn’t too hard to find 9 similarities between us, in celebration of his 9th birthday. And as always with these types of lists, there’s good, bad and ugly:

1. Sports. We both love playing them and watching them, and we both name the Canucks and Lions as our favourite teams. Our favourite thing to do is play street hockey in our neighbourhood. The practicing definitely paid off this year as Sean enjoyed a successful foray into ball hockey (making it all the way to the Provincials) and I have my roller hockey semi-final game later tonight.

2. Diet. Our favourite things to eat are Japanese food and steak…and we often combine both in the form of beef sashimi. Our favourite thing to drink is pop (cola to be more accurate, and Pepsi to be exact). Unfortunately, we have also both seen our bellies expand just a bit over the past couple of years. I still need to teach him to tell people it’s because of Gail’s good cooking.

3. Sleeping habits. For guys who love to sleep, we sure don’t get enough of it. My poor sleeping habits have been well-documented (just check out the times I post my blogs and videos) and it’s plain to see that Sean is following in my footsteps. It’s 2:30am as I write this blog, and he’s sitting right beside me. ‘Nuff said.

4. Communication skills. Sean is an excellent public speaker and writer, easily near or at the top of his class for both. While I wouldn’t call myself excellent at either, I’ve never met a chance to speak, write or make a video that I didn’t like! Sean is also an outstanding listener, and I’ve been told similar things. Whether I offer anything of substance in return is another story.

5. Card games. I learned how to play Crazy Eights at the age of 2, and I was able to thwart off repeated attempts by my aunts and uncles to trick me. Sean knew how to play Poker…a game much more complicated than Crazy Eights…by the time he was 4 years-old. Not one of my proudest moments…even if it’s one of his.

6. Music. Sean enjoys playing the piano and is quickly becoming very proficient at it…thanks in large part to his wonderful teacher Kevin. He loves playing worship music (Matt Maher songs in particular) and has a decent ear. Unfortunately, his practice habits leave a bit to be desired, just like mine 25 years ago. Let’s just say that if he practiced all week as hard as he does the 2 days before his lesson, he’d be a certified piano teacher by now!

7. Rapping. Although very humble about it, Sean is a very good rapper: he has an understanding of music and rhythm.  I too rapped back-in-the-day with my group G.I.E.: Gentlemen in Effect. Mostly because I couldn’t (and still can’t) sing…but the guys were too nice to kick me out of the group. Thanks Ryan, Ardee and Akira!

8. Our sense of humour. Sean and I laugh at exactly the same things, for better or for worse. Those of you who have spent any time with us (especially at the dinner table) know that it doesn’t take a lot to make us laugh. No wonder Sean and I get along so well: he comes down to my level all the time! (Thanks Mike for that line…I use it all the time).

9. Good looks. Oh well…8 out of 9 isn’t bad.

Happy Birthday Sean Isaiah!